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AceSynergy Brokers Pte Ltd



Here at AceSynergy Brokers,

We are a professional insurance broking firm registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore that assists our clients in growing a successful business. We specialize in working with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), multinational corporations (MNCs) and listed companies to provide them with full business protection and to manage their risks.

Having provided extensive corporate insurance solutions, we have experience in customizing solutions and handling claims. As such, our clients receive responsive, professional and satisfactory customer service from us. Over the years, we have built a strong working relationship with our clients. We also work with numerous leading insurance companies to provide holistic solutions to our clients. In doing so, we achieve cost advantages and comprehensive coverage, which translate into affordable and cost-effective premiums for our clients.

AceSynergy Brokers Pte Ltd places clients' needs as our top priority and we understand our clients' nature of business and their concern during every discussion. Together we review the existing arrangement, identify the gaps and recommend solutions to meet their challenges.



Here at AceSynergy Brokers, we are dedicated to

  • Enlighten our clients on risk management and serve as a platform for professional advice, quality service and value-added solutions in risk management.

  • Forge strong partnerships with our established insurer.

  • Provide professional services in the insurance industry that are enhanced through the exchange of pertinent knowledge between fellow practitioners.

  • Increase awareness of the importance of insurance through engagement with the public at seminars and trade activities.

  • Encourage the practice of community involvement through charity works, community services and trade associations

  • Our staffs undergo frequent professional trainings to ensure that they are equipped with the best product knowledge to better serve clients. 

  • Develop and create an effective home-grown system, seamless work processes and enhanced customer service experiences that eliminates any possible downtime.



We put our clients' interests as our top priority, and strive to tailor each insurance solution to satisfy each clients' unique needs.


We endeavor to be the preferred business partner for our clients and insurers.


We are dedicated to helping clients safeguard their businesses and related liabilities against a wide range of risk exposures.



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