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Employee Health & Benefit 

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Hospital & Surgical

A comprehensive medical plan that covers the illnesses of employees.

This plan takes care of the medical costs incurred by employees, reducing the financial burden on the employees and his/her family when he/she is hospitalized.


In the event that an employee requires an operation or to be hospitalized, this medical plan reimburses the eligible expenses incurred.

Personal Accident

24-hour worldwide protection for your employees in the event of an accident.

Personal Accident Insurance provides protection for employees against accidental injury by reimbursing their medical expenses.


As there is no one-size-fits-all policy, it allows employers to tailor the benefits to suit their needs.

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Outpatient Insurance

A reimbursement plan that covers outpatient medical treatment for your employees.


Outpatient Insurance provides coverage for outpatient medical treatment required by employees.


It takes care of outpatient medical costs incurred by employees, preventing medical costs from compromising the company’s profits.

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Dental Insurance

An extensive coverage for dental check-ups and treatments.


Our Dental Insurance offers reimbursement to help your employees manage the rising cost of dental bills.

Travel Insurance

An all-encompassing business travel solution to any mishaps abroad.

Your business may require employees to travel, but this exposes the business to the risks of loss of documents, trip cancellation or any unforeseen circumstances.


The Travel Insurance is the full solution to protect your employees from any mishaps abroad.

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