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Financial Lines

Professional Indemnity.jpg

Professional Indemnity

An ideal solution that addresses the risks exposed by professionals.

Businesses that offer professional advice or service (e.g. accountants, architect, and lawyer) are susceptible to risks of legal suits against them by their clients. This may occur in the event of the alleged breach of duty, negligent act, or error.


Thus, this policy secures your professional legal liabilities in the above-mentioned events. The coverage can be tailored to include defamation, loss of documents and etc.

Product Liability.jpg

Product Liability

A comprehensive protection for your legal liabilities arising from product failure.


Business owners who manufacture, supply or sell any products are vulnerable to legal liability from third-party claims of bodily injury or damage due to their products. 


Our Product Liability Insurance is thus crucial as it protects businesses against litigation. It covers legal liabilities to third parties as a result of compensation, legal expenses and product recall expenses.

Cyber Insurance.jpg

Cyber Insurance

Be assured that your business will resume operations in the event of a cyber breach.


The increasing complexity of technology exposes companies to risks of breach of sensitive information. As such, Cyber Insurance is needed to protect businesses against an array of cyber risk exposures.


It covers personal data liability, a loss incurred during business interruption due to a network security failure or attack, programming errors and etc. As all businesses have different needs, this policy can be tailored to include benefits, such as data administrative investigation, to meet your requirements.

Fidelity Policy.jpg
Director & Officer Liability.jpg

Director & Officer Liability

A comprehensive protection against risks faced by directors and officers.


Directors and Officers are vulnerable to an alleged breach of duty, wrongful acts and misstatements while doing their jobs.


As such, this policy protects them from claims made against them by third parties. It provides extensive coverage which includes defence costs, settlements, civil fines and etc.

Trade Credit.jpg

Trade Credit

A full protection from risks of non-payment by clients.

Businesses expose themselves to the risk of non-payment by clients when they sell products and services on credit terms.


Thus, the Trade Credit Insurance protects businesses against the default of commercial debt and reduces the expenses set aside for bad debt and slow payers. The coverage includes primary source of cash and accounts receivable.


Bailee Insurance

Safeguard yourself against alleged claims of loss of and damage to third-party property​.

Businesses that operate storage facilities are susceptible to third-party claims of loss or damage of third-party property under their care.


Thus, our Bailee Insurance provides coverage for loss or damage to third-party property under your care and custody. It covers the liability to the claimant and the costs of defending the claim.

Fidelity Policy

Protect your company from the punishable acts of employees​.

Our Fidelity policy safeguards your company against financial loss due to dishonest and fraud acts by employees.


It covers your company’s financial loss or loss of goods due to fraud or misappropriation by your employees.

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