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Marine Insurance

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Cargo Freight

Marine Hull

Secure your cargo with a global transportation solution.

Cargo Freight Insurance provides comprehensive coverage for your cargo the moment it leaves its point of origin until it reaches its destination.


It covers theft, rough handling and piracy during transit by sea, air and land.

Sail with confidence knowing that you are protected from perils of the sea.

The vessels you own are crucial to your business as any loss of or damage to it may lead to business interruption. The Marine Hull Insurance protects your business from the risks involved such as marine disasters and hazards when engaged in international trade and commerce when you use your insured vessels.


It covers physical loss or damage to the hull and machinery of the vessel.

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Charterers' Liability

The risks exposed to charterers are taken care of.

Vessel charterers are susceptible to legal liabilities arising from the chartered vessel or the cargos carried on the vessel.


This insurance offers cover for loss of or damage to cargo, personal injury, pollution, delay of the chartered ship and etc.

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