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SME Package Insurance

A multi-line insurance solution customized to meet the needs of your business.

Regardless of the nature of your business, our SME Package Insurance can be customized to meet your budget and protect your business against a wide range of risks faced by you as an employer. The flexibility of our SME Package Insurance provides you with the option to increase your coverage limits and add optional covers that you require.


The benefits of the SME Package include work injury compensation, public liability, fidelity guarantee, worldwide personal accident etc.



Focused on Grocery stores and retailers of all types of goods in Singapore including but not limited to pharmacies, electronics, cosmetics, fashion, clothing, liquor, toys games and furniture.


Office & Services

Focused on Management consultants, accountants and IT consultants, software designers, architects, estate and letting agents, financial advisers, insurance brokers and agents, health and safety consultants and marketing companies.

Hair Salon.jpg

Health, Beauty & Spa

Focused on Beauty and hair salons, spa and foot reflexology clinics, weight loss and slimming centres, manicure and pedicure parlours, makeover services and more.


Food & Beverages

Focused on Restaurants, dining places, food courts, food court stalls, coffee or ice cream shops and canteen operations.


Medical & Dental Centres

Focused on Psychiatry and general practice medical clinics, chiropractic and acupuncture services, specialist medical centres, aesthetics and cosmetic services, dental services and more.

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Hospitality & Hotels

Focused on Fitness centres, gymnasiums, hotels, hostels, motel and more.


Focused on Pre-school education centres, tuition centres, commercial schools, children enrichment classes, music dance and ballet schools, art or fashion schools, adult education centres and language schools.

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